The Five Point Plan:

  1. Upon environmental approval - the immediate approval of the Venture Minerals current proposals.  1,000 jobs now and 200 ongoing; plus A$1,000,000 per month flowing into this community supporting over 90 local businesses.
  2. Upon environmental approval - the immediate go-ahead for the Shree Minerals proposal.  120 jobs & 30 year life.
  3. Development of 3 bio-energy/ethanol plants utilizing the private forest waste as the timber source.  One in the NW, plus working with the groups in NE and Huon.
  4. Changing the laws to remove all the legal exemptions and privileges now afforded to environmentalists and ENGO so that like every other Australian who commits an illegal or prohibited act, that their acts are illegal and they suffer the same consequences.
  5. Insist that the Government:

a. Must meet their obligation to grow the local economy and grow jobs in this region.

b. Have policies and laws in place to foster consumer and business confidence to invest and create jobs.  In particular, that every government minister, member of our parliament or public servant must not act to shut-down legitimate businesses or destroy jobs or defame the Tasmanian brand or Tasmanian product.  These acts are two-faced and betrayal.

We must have a government that does not condone illegal and anarchist activity by individuals who are paid by the Tasmanian people.  If they wish to exercise their freedom to protest then they must resign their position or face immediate dismissal.

The Five Point Plan


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